30 July 2018

Fuel Service


Avgas is available at Tooradin from a Self-Serve Bowser. Account holders have a fuel activation dongle and can access Avgas at any time.

Non Account holders are only able to access fuel between 09:00 and 17:00 local time. Hours may increase during summer months without notice. You will need to have access to a mobile phone and either a Master Card or VISA credit card whilst at the fuel bowser.  After hours access available only if organised prior during normal business hours (AH Fee May Apply).

Refueling Process

  1. Park aircraft in vicinity of bowser so delivery hose can reach all refueling points on your aircraft.
  2. Call AD Operator on (03) 5998 3722. You will need to provide mobile phone number, credit card details, full name and aircraft registration.
  3. When advised the bowser is active, with the nozzle still hung on the bowser, place the round metallic end of the dongle (which is suspended on a string) to the centre of the round point on the console to the right of the keypad and follow the directions on the screen.
  4. The pump may stop during the refueling process. If so, hang up the nozzle and redo Step 3.
  5. Once refueling is completed make sure you call the AD Operator back and get the bowser deactivated so you are not charged for any further fuel taken from the bowser after you leave.
  6. The AD Operator will confirm the amount of fuel taken and the amount to be charged to your credit card.

Video Footage

Video footage captured is not available for any use other than the detection of Aircraft Movements.