26 February 2024


Tooradin Airport (YTDN) RATES & CHARGES

Aircraft Parking Rates

Charges can be paid on a hourly, daily, monthly, Bi-annually or yearly basis. The charges below are for each 1,000kg MTOW of the aircraft (charged on pro rata basis). All charges include GST with a Minimum of 1000 MTOW applicable. Fixed reserved parking bays only available on annual parking agreements.
TypeHourlyDailyMonthlySix-MonthlyAnnuallyFixed Reserved Area plus per month
Pavement – Concrete$32.00$48.00$495.00$3458.00$3640.00$123.00

Aircraft Landing and Movement Charges per 1000 MTOW

Fixed Wing and RotaryCharges per 1000 MTOW
Operator TypeSingle Engine PistonMulti-Engine and Turbo Prop-Jets
Airport Tenants $12.50$18.95
Private Itinerants $15.95$25.95
Commercial Operations $32.50$42.50

Flight Training

Circuits and/or Training rates per hour includes all landings/Touch and Go’s and Missed Approaches. *Minimum of one hour applicable and thereafter charged in increments of .25 of the hour. $35.00$65.00

Night Operations

Night Operations Surcharge $55.00$75.00

Activity Fees and Charges

Passenger Pick up Rate PP$25.00
Cargo and Freight Activity per flight per 1000 MTOW$125.00
Tradesperson – LAME L2 Maintainers Access Fee – Daily Rate$75.00
Vehicle Access Permit Airside – Annual Permit$155.00
Video Movies and any other activities require prior management consent.

Rates and Charges effective from 1st of January 2024.

Terms and Conditions of USE

Tooradin Airport (YTDN) infrastructure utilization terms and conditions.

Welcome to Tooradin Airport (YTDN), an initiative of the Amber Aviation Group. The following terms and conditions are applicable to all parties using our infrastructure and services at YTDN.

  1. Aircraft Parking Landing Movements and Access Charges are applicable as published on the Tooradin Airport website.
  2. Amber Airport reserves the right to vary any of the Charges at any time.   Amber Airport will publish notification 30 days in advance of any variations of Charges on the Tooradin Airport website.  Amber Airport reserves the right to cancel change and update rates and charges at its sole discretion.
  3. All products and services must be pre-purchased from our website and or at Tooradin Flying School. 
  4. Banned Access – Aircraft People and or Vehicles.
    AIRCRAFT – If You land an aircraft at Tooradin Airport in circumstances where that aircraft, or another aircraft owned, leased or otherwise used by You at Tooradin Airport, has been banned in accordance with the procedures applied for such action by Amber Airports from time to time (including in compliance with the Airport Lease for Tooradin Airport), You must pay to Amber Airport immediately upon landing all fees and charges which remain unpaid in respect of the relevant aircraft as well as an administrative fee of $2,300 GST (inclusive). Without limitation, the administrative fee covers the costs of Amber’s internal management and employment costs in dealing with such aircraft, circumstances and non-payment of charges in respect of the relevant aircraft.
    PEOPLE – Any person or people banned from Tooradin Airport , illegally entering would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for trespassing .
    Vehicle – Unauthorized vehicles entering airside (without prior approval or valid permit) will be detained and a penalty of $1500.00 imposed on the Owner.
  5. Unauthorized Aircraft Movements –  Aircraft entering our circuit area without prior approval will be charged a penalty of $1500.00. 
  6. Airport Access Code of Conduct
    • Always behave Lawfully and Professionally.
    • Be respectful of others.
    • Protect our assets and respect other parties’ assets at the Aerodrome.
    • Keep Safety first and foremost.
    • Smoking is not permitted airside or landside at Tooradin Airport
    • Alcohol and drug consumption is not permitted,