20 March 2019

Notice To Airmen (NOTAM)

Runway lights are unserviceable until further notice

PLEASE NOTE: The completion of the PPR Form is required for every aircraft wishing to operate in the circuit pattern or to land at YTDN. PPR should be done as close to flight time as possible to ensure any new NOTAMS can be received by the pilot prior to flight. All Permissions expire 12 hours from receipt time of your permission email.


Runway 22/04 has been resurfaced from end to end as needed. The width of the new surface is 9 meters wide and does not cover the full width of the existing strip. This has left a small step along each side. Caution should be exercised when veering from the centerline.


AWIS NOTE: The AWIS frequency is 124.75


NIGHT OPERATIONS: Runway lights unserviceable until further notice

Please remember that the runway lighting at YTDN is on a light sensor and use the main power grid. There is no backup power and no after-hours if the lights are not on. If the power goes out in the area so do the runway lights. please plan alternates accordingly.


It is always the decision of the pilot in command if the runways and facilities are suitable and safe for use.


All flights into YTDN are required to complete the PPR Form.


Email cfi@tooradinflyingschool.com for additional information.